Ann Pellegrino (Spotgirl) lives and works near Binghamton,  NY along with her husband, three kids, and dog, Penny. She works in a colorful home studio that overlooks an awesome treehouse (built by Mr. Spotgirl).

​* * *

I am a big believer in enriching emotional well-being through the practice of daily drawing. Making art is my tool for working through anxious feelings and turning them into something purposeful. The resulting illustrations are a comforting, happy distraction. I make work that is a visual treat: sweet, colorful, and fun. 

My combination of digital and hand drawing allows my work to be graphic and bold as well as friendly and approachable. I love using the letter forms as art or to enhance a message. A background in design means my work is clean, well spaced and organized. 

I am an active member of the Vestal Creative Masterminds group, Black Cat Gallery in Owego, and the Binghamton Department of Public Art. When not in the studio,  I’m baking cookies, doing puzzles, or playing board games (often while listening to a podcast). 

FAVORITES: Wingspan, Creative Pep Talk, Big Magic, pizza, chocolate cookies, Copic markers, Ecoline watercolors, rainbows, and The Good Place. 



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